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Guam Car & Automobile Shipping

Boxes, packing tape, forwarding addresses: the process of moving can be filled with all sorts of miscellaneous tasks. Personal transportation is incredibly important in this day and age. With our lives ruled by roads and highways, having a means of getting around is essential to daily living. If you’re moving overseas, the familiarity of your own vehicle is even more important. If you already own a car and you’re moving to Guam, there are options for shipping your car to Guam.

DeWitt Moving and Storage Guam offers a reliable car shipping service to Guam. With a longstanding commitment to quality, we provide only the best service and care with automobile shipping. We understand that your car can hold both monetary and personal value, but you can rest easy knowing that, through our car shipping service, your automobile will be shipped and delivered with the utmost care.

At DeWitt Guam, we are dedicated to serving our customers and clients. Where we differ from other competing car shipping services is our commitment to excellent quality and customer care. We are here to make your move as easy and painless as possible...

Let us worry about shipping a car to Guam…. You worry about the forwarding address.