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Air Freight Services

When your timeline is critical, air freight is far and away your best choice for moving cargo. Its shorter, more reliable delivery times can give your business an edge by getting your goods in the hands of your customers faster. Additionally, when you need to move delicate, fragile or high-value goods, air freight subjects your shipment to minimal handling, so it arrives at its destination in impeccable shape.

In partnership with our sister company, Approved Freight Forwarders, DeWitt Guam offers air freight shipments to and from Guam, with service levels to fit every budget. Plus, with our weekly consolidation service, air freight to Guam is more affordable than ever.

When your goods need to arrive on time—and in perfect condition—trust our experts to arrange the air freight service that will get them there.

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Why choose air freight?

Air freight can offer your business several advantages. Unlike ocean freight, which operates on estimated timelines, air freight offers you a precise timeline for delivery. Additionally, air freight can move your goods faster, which can mean quicker sales, improved cash flow and lower inventory carrying costs.

Additionally, air freight undergoes a minimal amount of handling, as opposed to ocean freight, which can spend weeks in a container exposed to the pitching and rolling of a ship. Our customers who ship high-value items like cosmetics and luxury goods trust air freight to get their cargo to its destination in the exact same condition it left the warehouse.

Finally, air freight can prove to be a budget-friendly solution for your business, especially when you consider all the fees involved. Air freight shipments are charged flat $20 handling fee. Ocean freight, on the other hand, comes with extra charges at the port, which are not always included in a less-than-container load shipment quote. For example, once your shipment arrives, the container has to be received, it has to be stripped and, if it’s coming from an international destination, it has to clear customs. Additionally, many ports have minimum charges that apply no matter the size of your load.

When you combine this fee structure with lower-cost air freight services, like consolidations, you may find that air freight can be surprisingly affordable for your business. The best way to know is to get a quote from one of our air freight experts.

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Air freight 101: the basics

Air freight offers several service levels to choose from. In general, the faster you need to move your shipment, the higher the cost. However, if you have any flexibility in your timing, you can take advantage of the more budget-friendly options available. Standard air freight service levels include:

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Complete air freight solutions to meet all your needs

When you choose to work with DeWitt Guam and Approved Freight Forwarders, we can provide an all-in-one solution for your air freight shipments.

Need pick-up and delivery options at origin or destination? We can provide the door-to-door service that makes your shipments simpler.

Need assistance with customs clearance? We’ll work with you side by side to make sure all your paperwork is in order to help you pass through customs quickly. If any issues arise, we have the resources to assist.

Looking for help managing your entire supply chain? If you have regular shipments in or out of Guam, and you’d like one of our experts to manage the process for you, just let us know. We’d be happy to craft a custom solution for you.

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More shipping options for greater flexibility

With one phone call to DeWitt Guam, you get access to a full range of shipping options to move your cargo to and from Guam.

When you need to move your items quickly, we’ll connect you with the air freight service that gets your shipment in your customers’ hands, when they need it. For shipments on a more flexible timeline, we can connect you with budget-friendly ocean freight solutions. We can even help with delivery services, both at delivery and origin.

The bottom line? We’ve got the flexibility and the expertise to create a myriad of shipping solutions. Just tell us your timeline and your budget, and we’ll put together a custom solution for you.

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