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Let the document shredding experts at DeWitt Guam help you create a simple solution to keep your business compliant. We can manage the complexities of securing your day-to-day documents, adhering to your retention schedule, and destroying your records in compliance with industry standards.

Our services go far beyond simple paper shredding and recycling. We also can help with your non-paper documents, such as media cards, CDs, hard drives, data reels, floppy disks, and X-rays. Our certified experts know exactly how to get it done, and we’ll provide certificates of destruction after every job, so you have proof of compliance.

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Trust Guam Experts for Compliant Corporate Document Destruction

Data Security Starts in the Workplace

When many people think of data breaches, they think of global companies getting hacked. However, data breaches can happen in the workplace every day. We can create solutions for companies of all sizes and budgets. Depending on the volume of your business activities, we’ll help you decide on a daily, weekly, or monthly pickup schedule, one that’s as cost-effective as it is efficient. If you require on-site service for compliance, we can bring our mobile shredder to you. All of our operational procedures have been certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

Leave the Complexities of Your Retention Schedules to Us

Most businesses are required by law to maintain confidential information for a certain period of time. Managing all these dates as well as the destruction of those records can get complicated—fast. DeWitt Guam can manage it all. We will work with you and your legal team to determine the right retention schedule for your business, we’ll use our state-of-the-art record management software to track all of your files. We’ll let you know when a record has reached the end of its lifecycle. We won’t destroy anything until we get a final confirmation from you.

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Minimize Your Risk and Manage Your Complexity—We Can Help

We’ll help you put systems in place to uphold your responsibilities to your customers and your employees, ones that will also help you maintain the privacy of your proprietary business data. We’ll also help you execute the procedures that will keep you in compliance with regulatory agencies and industry standards. And we’ll make it all easy for you. We also offer off-site record storage solutions with the highest levels security for your business.

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