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As a dedicated member of our local community, DeWitt Guam takes pride in offering white paper and cardboard recycling solutions. Residents and businesses alike can take advantage of our recycling services, so we can all work together to minimize the waste in our landfill, maintain Guam’s natural beauty and protect it for generations to come.

We accept drop-offs of loose cardboard and white paper during business hours, Monday through Friday. At our EPA-certified plant, our automated conveyor receives and processes your materials, which we export for conversion to post-consumer, recycled-content cardboard.

We work with a range of local businesses, trash haulers and Guam’s military bases to provide recycling services on a contracted basis. For businesses looking for complete recycling services, we offer:

  • Pick-up and hauling, on the schedule of your choosing.
  • Cardboard baler installation solutions, allowing you to pack your own bales for more efficient storage and pickup.
  • White paper containers, emptied at regular intervals, to make it easy for your office to collect and recycle its white paper, as well as dispose of it securely.

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Recycling solutions that fit the way you work

Preserving Guam’s environment depends on recycling many of the materials our businesses depend on, such as cardboard and white paper. If your company is dealing with a significant volume of either one, you need a simple recycling solution, one that integrates seamlessly with your current operations.

Let DeWitt Guam customize a recycling solution for you:

  • Scheduled pick-ups for recycling: You tell us the timeline that works best for the volume of recyclables you produce, and we’ll send out our team like clockwork.
  • Baler installations: If you process a significant amount of cardboard, a baler might be right for you. Balers compress your recyclable cardboard into compact bundles that can be stored and transported easily. If you don’t have a baler, we can install one for you so you can utilize your office space more efficiently in between pickups.
  • White paper recycling solutions: We’ll place containers around your office to collect your paper, then we’ll empty those containers on a regular schedule. After shredding the paper to ensure secure disposal, we’ll send it off for recycling.
  • Military contracts welcome: We work closely with Guam’s military bases to assist with their cardboard recycling needs. Standing base access makes it simple to set up a pick-up schedule with us. We’d love to discuss your organization’s needs and create a plan that makes your recycling program a seamless part of your operation.

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Convenient drop-off options for residents and businesses

Our commitment to recycling cardboard and white paper is one of the ways we’re investing in Guam’s future. As part of that commitment, we accept drop-offs of loose cardboard and white paper from both individuals and businesses.

Come by our Tamuning location from 6:30am – 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, to drop off your cardboard and white paper for recycling. We’ll accept your recyclables, then send them off on our conveyor for processing.

As a reminder to business owners, if you’re dropping by our plant often, talk to us about our pick-up options. We have solutions for every budget, and it’s more affordable than you might think.

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Flexible options for your recycling needs

The island of Guam possesses a rare natural beauty, one that’s worth preserving for generations to come. We’re proud to work together with Guam’s residents and local businesses to make it easy to recycle cardboard and white paper—and keep it out of Guam’s landfills.

Whether you choose our drop-off service or our full-service pick-up solutions, you’re making a significant contribution to Guam’s future. We appreciate the opportunity to support your efforts. Together, we can secure a sustainable future for Guam.

If you’d like us to make recycling a seamless part of your day-to-day business operations—or if you have any questions about our recycling programs—our experts are here for you. Schedule a complimentary consultation about our recycling solutions.

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