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Guam Government:
Offers guides on Government agencies that may be applicable to new residents in Guam, such as registering your automobiles, state tax issues, voting, etc.
Guam Government

Make sure to register your car at the local DMV; for information on where the DMV is and to make an appointment click on the link below.
Department of Motor Vehicles

Offers information on state public and private schools from K-12, plus higher education.
Guam Department of Education

Real Estate:
Offers information on purchasing or leasing residential and commercial property in Guam. The site offers many tools that will assist you in your decision making process.
Guam Real Estate

The Guam Chamber of Commerce offers individuals and businesses information concerning the economic climate in the islands. In addition it also provides contact information for broader chamber association with local branches in Guam.
Chamber of Commerce Guam

Setting up your utilities is a key part when moving to a new home. Check out the links below to find the right company and location for you.


Depending on where you are moving in and around Guam you may have the choice of two different cable companies. Check out the links below to see which company provides service in your area and to gather information on the best rates for your needs.

Cable GTA
Docomo Pacific

Trash and Recycling:
Don’t forget to schedule your trash and recycling at your new location. To see what days your trash gets picked up in your new neighborhood take a look at the link below.
Guam Solid Waste Authority

Online Newspapers:
To keep up with the latest news around Guam and the world we suggest the following newspapers based on your locations.
Guam Pacific Daily News

Parks and Rec:
New to the neighborhood and in search of the local playgrounds, island parks and beaches; be sure to check out the below link to what your new neighborhood has to offer.
Parks and Rec