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When it comes to your business records, you’re responsible for their contents from the moment they’re created until they’re completely destroyed. When you leave their destruction to chance, or ignore the need for a process, you can open your company up to liability. Even open paper bins in your office can present a risk.

Depending on your industry, your business may also be responsible for complying with record retention guidelines, which dictate timelines for proper data destruction. If your team isn’t complying to the letter, a surprise audit could result in penalties and fines.

Let the document destruction experts at DeWitt Guam help you create a simple solution to keep your business compliant. We can manage the complexities of securing your day-to-day documents, adhering to your retention schedule and destroying your records in compliance with industry standards.

Our services go far beyond simple paper shredding and recycling. We also can help with your non-white-paper documents, such as media cards, CDs, hard drives, data reels, floppy disks and X-rays. These records are just as important—and sometimes even tougher to dispose of in a compliant manner. Our certified experts know exactly how to get it done, and we’ll provide certificates of destruction after every job so you have proof of compliance.

When it comes to your document destruction needs, no two businesses are alike. Let us create a solution custom tailored to your business—and your budget.

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Data security starts in the workplace

When many people think of data breaches, they think of global companies getting hacked for their customers’ credit card numbers. However, data breaches can happen in the workplace every day. Imagine one of your HR staff writing an employee’s name and social security number on a Post-It note that goes into an open trash bin. Any visitor to that office—an employee from another department, a member of the cleaning staff, the receptionist’s teenage son who’s visiting the office that day—could get access to that information. In many cases, it may not cause a problem. However, the one time it does, it could end up costing your company big.

When you get in touch with one of our experts, we’ll help you create the right disposal system for your office to help mitigate your risk. We can place collection bins around your office—including secure shredding cabinets for sensitive data—to secure the day-to-day data your employees deal with.

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Leave the complexities of your retention schedules to us

Most businesses are required by law to maintain confidential information for a certain period of time. This includes client, employee and company data. However, once this information has passed its retention date, businesses are required to securely destroy this information or risk non-compliance.

Different types of records require different retention dates. Managing all these dates as well as the destruction of those records can get complicated—fast. In order to maintain compliance, you may have to train a dedicated employee for the task.

Or, you could trust DeWitt Guam to manage it all with dedicated care.

After working with you and your legal team to determine the right retention schedule for your business, we’ll use our state-of-the-art record management software to track all of your files. We’ll let you know when a record has reached the end of its lifecycle. We won’t destroy anything until we get a final confirmation from you.

Let us help you manage complex retention procedures with simplicity and ease.

Minimize your risk and manage your complexity—we can help

Privacy regulations are mounting. Your responsibilities around your company’s data are increasing. Leaving the destruction of your organization’s documents to chance is a risk, one your business may not be able to afford.

Look to the experts at DeWitt Guam. We’ll help you put systems in place to uphold your responsibilities to your customers and your employees, ones that will also help you maintain the privacy of your proprietary business data. We’ll also help you execute the procedures that will keep you in compliance with regulatory agencies and industry standards.

And we’ll make it all easy for you.

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For 35+ years, DeWitt Guam has been the island’s premier moving and storage provider.

As part of the DeWitt Companies family, an integrated network of sister companies, you can rest easy knowing that your local movers are backed by a global business that has been serving its customers since 1927. When your needs stretch beyond Guam, our experts are ready to help. In addition to local moves, we also do mainland and international moves.

When you’re moving to a new home on Guam, we’ll bring that same expertise to bear in creating a seamless move for you and your family.

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