Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist: Preparing For a Move 60 Days in Advance

We know there’s a lot to think about when you move! A moving checklist can simplify the process, whether you’re making a move just a few blocks away or you’re planning to relocate to Guam. We’ve created a 60-day checklist that will guide you through shipping your household goods and furniture, provide tips on packing and working with a moving company, and outline what you’ll need to know about moving pets and cars.

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60 days before your move

Start preparing about two months in advance. Stay organized throughout the entire process by creating a “moving binder” to keep important paperwork and a schedule in one place.

Go through personal belongings, household goods and furniture to decide what you’ll be taking with you. Downsizing even a little will cut down on moving expenses. Have a garage sale or donate what you’re leaving behind.

If your employer is paying for your move, check what services they cover.

Choose a moving company and get an accurate estimate by having the movers come out. Decide if you or your moving company will pack your belongings.

For people born in the United States and originating travel from the U.S., you don’t actually need a passport for your move to Guam. Your birth certificate and government-issued identification, such as a driver’s license or state-issued ID, are acceptable. Children traveling with their parents only need a birth certificate.

Are you taking any pets with you? If you’re moving to Guam, read up on what steps you’ll need to take.

If you’re bringing your car, movers like DeWitt Guam can ship your car to Guam with minimal hassle.

4-6 weeks before your move

Spend this time notifying people of your move. In addition to making sure friends and family know that you’re moving, you’ll need to notify the post office about your change of address. Talk with your bank and find out if you’ll need to set up a new bank account. Contact your electric, gas, water, sewer, trash, and cable providers. For long-distance moves, get a doctor’s note for any prescription drugs and forward your health records.

2-3 weeks before your move

If you’re packing, this is a good time to start. If your moving company will be taking care of it, you’ll still want to pack valuables and get them ready to move yourself. Get a written appraisal of valuables like antiques. Remember to let your moving company know if you’ve decided to add or remove anything.

Fill any prescriptions that you will need for a couple of weeks.

If you’re shipping major appliances, have a service technician come out to prepare them. Set a date to disconnect your utilities.

Find out how to properly dispose of hazardous and flammable materials like cleaning fluids, aerosol cans, matches, ammunition, poisons, paint, oils, and bleach. Drain fuel from mowers and machinery. Those moving to Guam won’t be allowed to bring live plants, vegetables, fruits, milk, meat, or meat products.

The day before your move

Make sure everyone in your family has a suitcase packed with enough essentials to get through the move, especially if your belongings will be in storage for a while. Luggage

Help movers out by clearly marking fragile items and things you don’t want moved, and try to group items that you want packed together.

The day of your move

Stick around while things are packed and loaded. Check and sign the inventory and save a copy. Before the movers leave, make sure they have the correct destination and know how to reach you.

Take a last look around to make sure you aren’t leaving anything behind. Turn off the water, furnace, lights, and any utilities.

Whether you’re relocating to Guam or simply moving within the island, DeWitt Guam will make sure that every aspect of your move goes smoothly. Request a quote today to see what we can do for you.


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