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Guam Records Management

From financial and legal information to employment records to confidential corporate files, today’s businesses are often overwhelmed by records storage. At DeWitt Guam, we provide professional, secure, off-site records management and storage solutions tailored to your requirements.

As a full-service provider of secure document storage and management solutions, our ser-vices include the following:

Our customizable storage solutions enable you to choose the storage configuration that is best for your business. In addition to standard letter- and legal-sized boxes, we offer spe-cialty boxes upon request. We also stock high-quality, letter- and legal-sized boxes for re-sale, and we can order custom-sized boxes upon request. Our heavy-duty storage boxes are sturdy and water-resistant. All records are stored in a Butler®-style building equipped with fire detection and security systems and monitored by CCTV.

We can assist you in sorting and categorizing the exact contents of your files and containers in preparation for storage. Indexing services range from general to detail. We can conduct indexing at your place of business or at our facility.

To access your stored files or containers, simply let us know and we will prepare them for delivery. In addition, we offer Emergency Access Service for weekend retrieval.

Let us know where you would like your files delivered, and one of our bonded drivers will hand-deliver them to you. Choose from either standard or urgent delivery.

You may also access your files by picking them up at our storage facility. For a nominal charge, we will retrieve your files and prepare them for pickup.

If you or an associate requires a private room to review documents, we can provide a room at our facility. Viewing rooms include the use of a computer and are in close proximity to a fax machine and photocopier.

DeWitt Guam uses state-of-the-art bar code and handheld computer technology to manage and store your sensitive data, and we stay current on the latest records management technology and software. Each member of the DeWitt Guam team receives specific training on document security and access, regulatory compliance, and proper procedures for short- and long-term records storage and management. Experience our commitment to customer service, and discover why DeWitt Guam is the first choice for secure data storage. To learn more about our records storage services and competitive rates, fill out our online form, or contact us by phone or email today!