Responding to project changes with flexibility

The Client:

A Hawaii-based interior design firm handling the design and installation of a new office space at a corrosion control hangar on a Guam military base

DeWitt Guam: A One-Stop Shop for Freight, Delivery, and Installation

In addition to handling the installation, the DeWitt team also handled the freight for the furnishings, in partnership with sister company, Approved Freight Forwarders. Once the furnishings arrived on Guam, DeWitt Guam also managed the on-island delivery, moving the ocean freight containers to the job site.

The Client:

Two separate installation companies that manage retail display installs for an American department store chain with more than 400 locations across the U.S., including one in Guam.

Project Summary

The DeWitt Guam installation team was contacted by two different installation contractors who needed an on-the-ground team in Guam to complete two installation projects in a major department store:

  • For the first project, the DeWitt Guam team was asked to install several fixture installations in the home, women’s, and men’s departments, including mannequin display cages and a bed frame.
  • For the second project, DeWitt Guam was hired to install six cage fixtures to hold mannequins.

The DeWitt Guam team was also tasked with the delivery of the necessary hardware and materials to the site. These deliveries had to be carefully coordinated with both the mall and the department store during specific time windows.

The Challenge

Both clients requested that DeWitt Guam complete the installations in a set timeframe, prior to the store opening, to minimize impact to the store’s aesthetics and to shoppers.

For both installations, DeWitt Guam was tasked with scheduling the delivery and installation with the point of contact at the store in Guam. Each individual project also came with its own challenges:

  • One was scheduled as a last-minute install with very little lead time.
  • The second had to be rescheduled, since the materials didn’t arrive as planned.

The Solution

Despite the reschedules and the tight window of time, the DeWitt Guam installation team’s expertise and experience with similar installs in the past enabled them to complete both projects efficiently—and within the agreed-upon window.

Both the clients and the department store were pleased with the timeline and the results of the installation project.

The Results

On the basis of this project, as well as several other successful installs, one of the installation companies has continued to partner with DeWitt Guam on an ongoing basis for installation projects on Guam and neighboring islands.

The other company was so pleased with their experience with the DeWitt Guam team that they pursued a partnership with DeWitt Guam’s sister company in Hawaii for an Oahu-based installation project.

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