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Records Management Services

Protect your customers’ data, secure your organization’s sensitive information and maintain critical compliance standards with DeWitt Guam’s secure, off-site records storage and management solutions. Our affordable solutions offer your business the highest levels of security and peace of mind.

Our trained, certified and bonded experts will work closely with you to evaluate your needs and create a custom solution that fits your budget. We deliver a full range of services, including indexing, retrieval, delivery, secure viewing rooms, and on-site access.

We also offer secure document destruction services. Our facility operates under procedures certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), and we can supply the certificates of destruction your organization needs for compliance.

In today’s environment of consumer concern, regulatory vigilance and online opportunity, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your records are secured and managed properly. Let the experts at DeWitt help you put together a plan to secure your data, protect your business relationships and reduce your risk.

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Guam records management for every industry

Depending on your industry, the type of business you operate and the records you create, your needs will vary. We’ll help you choose from our roster of services to build a solution that’s right for your organization, including:

  • Storage: Select the format that works best for your operation. We can accommodate letter-sized, legal-sized and specialty boxes. Your records get the highest level of protection in our Butler®-style building, which is equipped with fire detection and security systems and monitored by CCTV.
  • Indexing: Need help sorting and categorizing the exact contents of your files in preparation for storage? We can help you come up with a plan—or do it for you, either at your place of business or at our secure facility. Then, we’ll utilize a state-of-the-art bar coding and software system to label, track and manage your records.
  • Retrieval & Delivery: When you need to access your records, simply let us know. We’ll prep them for delivery by one of our bonded drivers. To meet your business needs and your budget, we offer both standard and urgent delivery services—as well as the option to pick up your files yourself. For the utmost flexibility, we also offer weekend retrieval services.
  • Viewing: If you or an associate requires a private room to review documents, we can provide a room at our facility. Viewing rooms include the use of a computer and are in close proximity to a fax machine and photocopier so you can easily collect the information you need.

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Protect your customers’ data—and protect your company from liability

Your obligations to protect your customers’ data are more important than ever. Given increased privacy regulations, data breaches making headlines and growing consumer concern over how their data is used and protected, you can’t trust your company’s obligations to just anyone.

Whether you’re maintaining financial data, legal information, employment records, confidential corporate files, protected health information (PHI) that’s regulated under HIPAA or any other kind of sensitive data, you need a comprehensive solution that will help protect your company from potential liability and lawsuits.

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Outsourcing that actually boosts your bottom line

Not just another expense

Many of the businesses we talk to see off-site records management as simply another expense on their P&L statement. However, when you step back to look at the whole picture, your current records management system might actually be costing you money—and off-site records management and storage can be more affordable than you might think.

First, ask yourself how carefully your organization currently manages its records. Do your employees ever have difficulty locating files? Do files ever go missing? If so, your staff is likely wasting time and money chasing after missing data. You’ll also want to ask yourself how much office space your records are currently taking up.

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An investment in your business’s future

The possibility of typhoons and inclement weather are simply a reality for businesses on Guam. In case of a natural disaster, what would you do if all your records were destroyed? The statistics are sobering. When disaster strikes, FEMA reports that 90% of small businesses fail within a year unless they can resume operations within five days.

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Partnering with Guam’s premier records storage and management provider

You can rest assured knowing that you can trust even your most sensitive data to the DeWitt Guam team. We hold a AAA certification from the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID). Every member of our records management team is bonded, and each holds HIPAA and NAID certifications. Additionally, as part of our commitment to staying on the cutting edge of records storage and management methods, DeWitt Guam maintains membership in PRISM, the Professional Records and Information Services Management organization. We also send our staff through yearly software training so we can maintain our expertise on emerging technology.

As a local business, we also understand what it takes to operate on Guam. Our experts can help you simplify your records storage and management procedures to create a solution that protects’ your data and minimizes your potential risk.

Let us tailor a solution to fit your needs—and your bottom line.

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