For the past 10 years United Airlines along with the Guam community have been “towing the line to save lives” to raise money for the American Cancer Society and Guam Cancer Care.  At this year’s event, DeWitt Guam was honored and recognized for supporting and participating in the United Plane Pull for the last decade.


On April 25th, forty teams from around the island came together to participate in this years fun filled event.  With 100% of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society and Guam Cancer CareEach team competing to pull a 737 United aircraft a little more than 12 feet across the finish line.

With a race for the fastest time, DeWitt Guam placed 3rd in the Coed Division with a final time of 5.13 seconds! 

DeWitt Guam is proud to have been apart of the United Plane Pull for the last 10 years, and looks forward to competing in next years event.

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