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Guam Shipping Times: Ocean Freight, Air Freight, and More

More than $800 million in goods are imported to Guam yearly—goods that keep Guam’s businesses moving and the island’s residents supplied. Another $20+ million in goods are exported from Guam each year. Wondering how long it takes these goods to arrive at their destinations? Below, we’ll take you through a list of Guam air freight and ocean freight transit times. These transit times will help you figure out when you can expect your freight to arrive. If your shipment is small enough to be considered a small parcel, we’ll also walk you through some shipping times to Guam. Finally, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about...

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Why Moving Freight Around Guam Is Different Than Anywhere Else

As 15,000 Instagram posts with the hashtag #OnlyonGuam suggest, there are plenty of things unique to the island. As our Tamuning-based team will tell you, this idea extends to many aspects of what we do at DeWitt Guam, including moving freight around the island. To give you a few examples of how moving freight around Guam might be a little different than in other destinations, we’ve put together a quick list for you. Whether you’re interested in Guam trucking—or you simply want to deepen your understanding of how logistics on Guam work—we’ll walk you through a couple of the challenges we encounter, as well as...

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