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Seven of Guam’s Best Beaches – One for Every Day of the Week!

Do you have a full week on Guam and time to explore? We have the list for you!  Along its 110 miles of coastline, Guam has at least 40 beaches and by some estimates as many as 50. Just think… you could visit a different beach every day for a month and still not see every single one of Guam’s amazing beaches. In fact, there are so many beaches Guam that you’ll find one for every type of beach-goer. Whether you’re a sun-worshipper, an adventurer, a sports enthusiast, the family cruise director, a romantic, or someone who enjoys the beach with a side of rum, we’ve got a beach for you!    So clear your calendar—and enjoy a week’s worth best beaches on Guam.  Monday: Secluded Tanguisson Beach to Start a the Week  […]

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Exploring the Beautiful Island of Guam: 10 Things to Do, Activities, and Attractions

Whether you’re one of the ~1.5 million visitors who vacation on Guam each year or a resident looking for new activities to enjoy, you’ll find plenty to do on the gorgeous Pacific island of Guam. The island has long been known for its postcard-perfect white sand beaches and turquoise waters, but with a little research, you’ll find that Guam is so much more than its beaches. In this article, we’ll share ten of our favorite things to do, activities, and attractions on Guam. (And, don’t worry: For you beach lovers, we’ll include a few of our favorites, too!) With this list in hand, you’ll get […]

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