Nothing beats a Guam sunset. Is it the rainbow of colors on display, night after night? The picturesque clouds that always seem to decorate the horizon? Or just the magic of relishing the moment as Mother Nature puts on a show at the close of the day?

No matter what draws you to Guam’s sunsets, we’ll show you the best spots to take in all those gorgeous hues. Plus, for early risers, we’ll also include Guam’s best sunrise spots, so you can worship the sun at whatever time you choose.

The 10 Best Sunset Spots on Guam

As in the rest of the world, the sun rises in the east for Guam residents and sets in the west. Although that means plenty of opportunities up and down the western coastline to see a beautiful sunset, there are a few Guam sunset spots that particularly stand out. We’ll share our favorites below.

Tumon Beach / Tumon Bay

You won’t have to travel far from Guam’s central tourism district to catch a stunning sunset. From Tumon Bay, you can enjoy some of the best sunsets on Guam. The simplest option is to set up camp on the beach and enjoy the view. We particularly like Matapang Beach Park:

Or, post up at a spot like the Tasi Grill in the Dusit Thani Hotel or Misty’s Beach Bar in the Westin Resort Guam. Grab a drink and settle in to take in the show.

Gun Beach

Just a short drive from Tumon Bay, you’ll find Gun Beach, another spectacular spot to take in a classic Guam sunset. If you want to enjoy your sunset with cocktails and food, stop into The Beach Restaurant & Bar, right along the water. Good viewing spots fill up quickly, so make sure you secure yours early.

Jimmy Dee’s Beach Bar

Just a little ways down from Tumon Bay, you’ll find Jimmy Dee’s Beach Bar, a lively place to grab a drink, enjoy some beach games, and take in the sunset. It’s also a dog-friendly spot, so you can bring your best buddy to enjoy the evening with you. Opens at 4:00 pm.

Tanguisson Beach

The view at Tanguisson Beach is stunning at most times of the day, but the sunset at this rugged beach can be absolutely breathtaking. Unlike watching the sunset at Tumon Bay, taking in the sunset at Tanguisson involves traversing a rough road, followed by a short hike. However, your efforts will be rewarded many times over, both by the view and the peaceful setting.

Asan Bay Overlook

Learn more about this fascinating spot in the below YouTube video (and catch a glimpse of the stunning vista from this memorial in the background!):

After a long day of adventuring, you might want a simple way to enjoy the day’s close. If a drive-in sunset is what you’re after, look no further than the Asan Bay Overlook. The memorial, which commemorates those who lost their lives or suffered atrocities during World War II, offers a beautiful view of Asan Bay. It’s worth a stop, both to honor those impacted by World War II and to enjoy the panoramic view.

Mount Jumullong Manglo

The 360-degree views you’ll enjoy from Mount Jumullong Manglo make it a great spot for both sunrise and sunset. Mount Jumullong Manglo stands 1,283 feet tall, about 50 feet shy of Mount Lam Lam, the highest peak on Guam. Leave yourself about 45 minutes to get to the top.

The 14 wooden crosses you’ll see along the way represent the Stations of the Cross, which act as reminders to Catholics of significant events on the last day of Jesus’ life. The devotional aspect of this hike makes it a favorite for many Guam residents on Easter.

Cetti Bay Overlook

If you’re not up for the hike to the summit of Mount Jumullong Manglo, try the nearby Cetti Bay Overlook instead. Like the Asan Bay Overlook, it’s a picturesque stop during the day—and it makes for an easy, drive-up place to take in the Guam sunset.

Two Lovers Point/Puntan Dos Amantes

Even though Two Lovers Point/Puntan Dos Amantes is one of Guam’s more “touristy” destinations, the legend surrounding the area makes it a romantic spot to watch the sun dip below the water. The story of the two lovers—a woman from an aristocratic Spanish family and a man from a modest Chamorro family who were torn apart by societal expectations—sets a backdrop colored by devotion to love, no matter what.

Alupang Beach Park in Malesso’

You’ll find the quiet village of Malesso’ (formerly Merizo) on the very southern tip of Guam. Alupang Beach Park offers the opportunity for some quiet time away from Guam’s busier hubs, and it’s a perfect place to enjoy a killer sunset.

Gab Gab Beach

Here’s a look at this gorgeous beach in the daytime so you know what to expect:

If you’ve got base access, Gab Gab Beach is a great stop for snorkeling, paddleboarding, and catching a sunset. Located on Naval Base Guam, Gab Gab also has bathrooms and showers, so you can explore the vibrant underwater world, then clean up and celebrate the sunset.

The Best Sunrise Spots on Guam

If you’re a morning person, taking in the sunrise on Guam may be more your speed. Although Mount Jumullong Manglo is a great spot for both sunrise and sunset, most of the best sunrise spots on Guam are on the eastern side of the island. Below, you’ll find our favorite places on Guam to greet the arrival of the day.

1,000 Steps / Tagu’an Point

You’ll walk 1,000 steps from the parking lot to the rugged coastline at Tagu’an Point (also known as Fadi’an Point). As you’ll see in the video, catching the sunrise involves headlamps and some careful footwork, but spotting the sun seemingly emerge from the water is more than worth it.

First Beach

This beautiful little spot in Talo’fo’fo (formerly Talofofo) makes for a serene spot to take in the sunrise. The reef at the mouth of the bay keeps the water calm on most days, so you may find yourself inspired to take a refreshing dip after the sun comes up. Sounds like a perfect morning on Guam to us!

Inalåhan Pools / Inarajan Pools

The natural salt-water pools you’ll find in Inalåhan (formerly Inarajan) offer an instant dose of tranquility, especially in the quiet morning hours. Along the coastline, you’ll be treated to unforgettable sunrise views, like the one above. It’s well worth the trip to enjoy this special spot in the early morning.

All the Beauty Guam Has to Offer

You won’t have to look hard to find a stunning sight on Guam. The island’s coastlines and beaches make for beautiful views pretty much every day of the week. That said, there’s something special in pausing to take it all in—whether that means making the time to admire the island’s stunning sunsets or getting up early to witness the sun reveal itself over the horizon. It’s just one of the many ways to truly appreciate what it means to live on Guam.

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