Guam is a U.S. territory with a rich, colorful history. As a result, the unique culture is enjoyed today by residents and visitors alike. Guam’s eclectic heritage remains heavily influenced by the Chamorro people who first inhabited the region thousands of years ago, as well as by the lengthy period of Spanish colonization prior to officially becoming an unincorporated U. S. territory at the turn of the 20th century.   If you plan on visiting or moving to Guam, it would be wise to learn a little about this island nation’s history.
The native Chamorro traveled by sea from Asia to the island of Guam, possibly from the Philippines, Malaysia, or Indonesia, and created a complex society while trading with neighboring islands. These tribal people excelled at fishing, hunting and horticulture. Their wealth of experience building sea vessels also provided them with necessary knowledge to expertly craft unique homes and canoes. Weaving and pottery-making were among their additional talents. Today, local museums, beaches and other historic sites help tell the Chamorro story of the island’s unique past.

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