FF&E Design

4 Keys to Winning Your Next FF&E Design Project

As an interior design or procurement professional, you provide a critical service to businesses that regularly update the furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) in their buildings. Whether it’s a new hotel or interior design updates for a hotel or business office, there are some great opportunities out there. But FF&E projects also present some challenges.

How do you successfully land hotel projects? What’s the definition of a great FF&E team? We came up a list of four tips to help you win your next FF&E project.


  1. Be persistent. Okay, you didn’t win the last project. When their design project comes around again, be sure you’re prepared ahead of time. Set calendar reminders and reach out in person before they start planning the next update. Keep your portfolio up to date and your team ready to roll.
  2. Provide references. Even if you haven’t worked with a brand in the past, your experience with other respected brands, including competitors, gives your team added credibility. Ask references to highlight the reliability of your service, and other skills, such as working with suppliers.
  3. Go the extra mile. Successful FF&E design projects are carefully orchestrated operations. Interior designers select FF&E products that will express the new look and provide value at the same time. Procuring the items at the best per-unit price includes making sure the FF&E products can be shipped and delivered on time. Then there’s the question of storage as each phase of the design is put into place, and somehow managing to avoid disrupting regular business operations at the site! Managers of hotel projects need to be assured that you will deliver not only creative vision, but highly reliable service, attention to detail and the ability to deliver on time and within budget. As an independent interior designer, buyer or procurement consultant, it can be difficult to pull together all the resources needed for an FF&E project. That’s where DeWitt Guam can help make things easier, by becoming an integral part of your team.
  4. Assemble a first-class team. Meeting all of the FF&E needs for a hotel opening or renovation project takes a team effort. It’s essential to have a project manager who is sensitive to time pressures coordinating the interior designer’s and various contractors’ responsibilities and schedules. The project manager handles logistics, overseeing the sourcing of new goods, packing and storing, transportation, and delivery, plus ensuring that all regulations are met.


Making sure the merchandise gets to the correct site on time, when it’s needed, is key. This includes detailed phase planning. After the procurement items are ordered and shipped, they must be sorted and segregated before being placed into storage. DeWitt Guam can handle these phases for you, from making sure the FF&E items are easily accessible when needed to ensuring secure and prompt delivery to the site.
At DeWitt Guam, we know the FF&E process from beginning to end, and we’re used to dealing with last-minute contingencies. After working with global suppliers and carriers bringing freight to Guam for many years, the people at DeWitt Guam know the ropes. We can offer valuable insight in the planning stages, all the way through installation.

Find out more about how DeWitt Guam can make FF&E easier for your team. We can even take care of the entire process for you, so you can focus on your core service. Visit our Hotel FF&E page and request a quote to get started.