Do you have a full week on Guam and time to explore? We have the list for you! 

Along its 110 miles of coastline, Guam has at least 40 beaches and by some estimates as many as 50. Just think… you could visit a different beach every day for a month and still not see every single one of Guam’s amazing beaches. In fact, there are so many beaches Guam that you’ll find one for every type of beach-goer. Whether you’re a sun-worshipper, an adventurer, a sports enthusiast, the family cruise director, a romantic, or someone who enjoys the beach with a side of rum, we’ve got a beach for you!  

 So clear your calendar—and enjoy a week’s worth best beaches on Guam. 

Monday: Secluded Tanguisson Beach to Start a the Week 

Tanguisson Beach Rock shapesIs there a more unpopular day of the week than Monday? Instead of spending it frantically returning emails, get a piece of serenity by heading to Guam’s Tanguisson Beach. Although this beach is wilder and more rugged than some of Guam’s more pristine beaches, you’ll still find gorgeous waters in all shades of blue, as well as an excellent stretch of white sand. Photographers will particularly enjoy framing the beach’s unique rock formations, which looks like they might have dropped straight from the sky. 

The journey to Tanguisson can be a little challenging. You’ll have to navigate a rough road and do a small hike to get to the beach. However, the tranquility and quiet you’ll find on its shores makes for a perfect start to any week. 

Tuesday: Spice Up This In-Between Day with an Adventure at Shark Cove 

Sandwiched between the start of the work week and its hump day, Tuesday doesn’t have much of a personality—but all of that is about to change. Turn your Tuesday into a boonie-stomping adventure with a visit to Shark Cove. You’ll need a sturdy set of shoes, plenty of water, and a good slather of sunscreen for the rocky, half-mile hike.  

All that work comes with a sweet reward at the end. Once you arrive, you’ll feel like you’re starring in your own episode of Gilligan’s Island. Enjoy the palm-lined, white-sand shoreline, or strap on some snorkel gear and explore the vibrant coral reef you’ll find just below the surface of the turquoise water. 

 And don’t let the name fool you! Snorkelers rarely spot sharks in these waters, just an incredible variety of tropical marine life. 

Wednesday: Take It Easy at Ypao Beach Park  

Ypao Beach ParkWith two days of adventure behind you and the weekend looming ahead, we suggest turning Hump Day into the perfect lazy beach day. Enter Ypao Beach Park, located right in downtown Tumon. No need to hike or drive down a long road to enjoy this picturesque beach. Plus, since you’re right in Tumon, if you need to grab a snack or re-up on sunscreen, you’ll find plenty of shops in nearby. 

Bottom Line: When you’re done chasing your next adventure and just want to enjoy one of Guam’s postcard-worthy beaches, Ypao Beach Park is an excellent choice. 


Thursday: Warm up for the Weekend with Something Different at Talofofo Beach 

Talofofo BeachWhile we’re not sure you’ll ever get tired of Guam’s white sand beaches, it’s fun to throw something different into the mix. That can be especially true on a Thursday, when you might need a little extra something to push you through to the end of the week. 

As one of the few green sand beaches in the world, Talofofo Beach will deliver that variety and wonder you’re looking for. Pick up a handful of sand at Talofofo, and you’ll see greenish olivine crystals mixed in with the sand. Olivine tends to be heavier than the surrounding sand, so it accumulates on the shoreline and gives the beach its greenish cast.  

In addition to its unique landscape, Talofofo is also one of Guam’s prime surf spots. If you’ve dying to catch a wave, head to Talofofo. Its sandy bottom is especially welcoming to newer surfers. 

Friday: Float into the Weekend at the Inarajan Pools 

Guam's ocean and sky view from a cliff with people, Inarajan natural pool,Ah, Friday—a day practically made for unwinding as the weekend approaches. It’s the perfect day to head for the salt water pools at Inarajan. Although this is more of a bathing and floating destination than a beach, there’s nothing more relaxing than bobbing in these salt water calm pools, which are sheltered from the ocean waves. If you have a few members in your party who are curious about snorkeling but nervous about trying it for the first time, Inarajan is a perfect introductory spot. There’s also a high-diving platform for those who want to enjoy a little thrill. 

You’ll find picnic areas and barbecue pits at Inarajan. Feel free to bring your own lunch and enjoy a quiet afternoon before the weekend ramps up. 

Saturday: Enjoy a Family Day at Matapang Beach 

Canoes at Matapang Beach Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

You’ll find Matapang Beach right in the heart of Tumon. Because of its central location, Matapang can get a little crowded. However, it’s a great spot for a fun family Saturday at the beach. You’ll find a long stretch of white sandy beach at Matapang so your family can spread out. The beach also features lifeguards, which puts many parents at ease. You’ll also find bathrooms, showers, and picnic areas at this beach park, which make it easy to spend the whole day on the beach with your family. 

Sightseeing Bonus: Several local rowing teams launch from Matapang, and many beachgoers enjoy watching them paddle traditional outrigger canoes around the bay.  


Sunday: Close Out the Weekend with a Little Romance at Gun Beach 

Gun Beach in Guam, USA. The beach is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Guam.Gun Beach has a lot to offer: a vibrant coral reef perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling, a beach bar where you can grab a bite and a cocktail, and a side excursion to secluded Fai Fai Beach. (Look for the path just beyond the WWII gun that the beach is named for!) The presence of the Beach Restaurant & Bar means a little more foot traffic than some of Guam’s more secluded beaches. However, you’ll still find Gun Beach much quieter than those right in Tumon.  

Plus, Gun Beach really shines when it comes to sunsets. As you’re winding down your weekend, grab someone you’d like to spend a little quiet time with. Head over to Gun Beach and share a serene moment before the weekend starts all over again. 

Bonus: If You Have a Few More Days… 

Guam has even more beaches to enjoy if you’ll be sticking around for more than a week. Two more bonus beaches we love: 

  • As part of the War in the Pacific National Historical Park, Asan Beach mixes leisure with history. Stroll the trails through the area, enjoy the picturesque shoreline, and stop by the Memorial wall that commemorates the 17,771 American casualties and native Chamorro people killed or wounded during World War II. 
  • You’ll find Ritidian Point at the northernmost end of Guam, inside the Guam National Wildlife Refuge. In addition to palm-lined white sand beach, you’ll find three trails to traverse the lush jungle. Keep your eyes out for fruit bats, geckos, monitor lizards, and more examples of Guam’s fascinating flora and fauna. 

Enjoy the Perks of Paradise: Guam’s Gorgeous Beaches  

Considering Guam has more than 40 beaches to explore, this list is just the start of the shorelines you’ll enjoy on the island. As you work your way through this list, you’ll soon discover what kinds of coastline you like best. Quiet and secluded? Easy-breezy with drive-up parking? Teeming with underwater adventure opportunities? Family-friendly? You’ll find it all on Guam. 

Finally, if you’re considering a more permanent stay on Guam to enjoy the beaches year-round, our Tamuning-based team would be happy to help! We specialize in safe, easy, and affordable moves to Guam. Just get in touch with us to start your complimentary quote. 

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