Used Car Scam Alert

Scam Alert! Used Car Scam

Beware Scammers are using a fake company name to lure victims into depositing $1,000 or more for used cars. The scammers are using the name “Dewitt Guam Car Mover’s and Escrow Service” and other fake names…

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Guam Buildup News

Guam Buildup News and Updates

The Guam Buildup is Unofficially Underway. Construction projects for the Guam buildup have begun. The buildup will provide support facilities for the relocation of approximately 5,000 Marines and their families from Okinawa, Japan. The massive, gradual relocation…

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Q&A: SOLAS VGM Equivalency

Q: What is the reason for the VGM amendments to SOLAS regulation VI/2? A: There are concerns around improperly declaring the gross mass of a packed container. Safety risks emerge if discrepancies between gross mass and…

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What Makes Guam Great?

Are you relocating to Guam or looking for the perfect island paradise to call home? Look no further as we explain why moving to Guam is the best decision you can make. Above you’ll learn why Guam, an unincorporated…

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