Packing up and moving your home to Guam can already be a difficult and stressful process and when you add shipping a car overseas, you might begin to feel completely overwhelmed. There is so much to think and worry about when you are considering shipping your car that doing it on your own is daunting. Dewitt Moving and Storage specializes in taking care of the entire process for you and getting your car to Guam in perfect condition. Shipping a car overseas can be free of stress as long as you use a trustworthy shipping company that works with you from start to finish.

Once you decide to hold onto your vehicle and bring it over to Guam with the rest of your belongings, you need to focus on selecting the right service provider. There are several questions you should ask the moving company before you agree to use them and so you get a better idea of what level of service is provided.

  1. How long will it take to arrive in Guam?
  2. Do you store my car if the pick-up or delivery dates do not work for me?
  3. Will you provide a full vehicle inspection?
  4. What level of insurance is provided and is it primary or secondary insurance?
  5. Do you have any references? Check with the Better Business Bureau for official complaints and ask the company how they resolved the issues.
  6. Are there any extra fees such as insurance and fuel surcharges?

What to Expect:

  • Door to door service: For an additional cost, you can arrange for door to door service. The shipping company will take care of the entire process of loading your car from the comfort of your home and delivering it to your new home in Guam. This is a good idea to help relieve some of the stresses of moving.
  • Deposit: Most shipping companies will require a deposit up front and will expect cash or a cashier’s check. Some companies accept credit cards, but double check ahead of time if that is your only payment option.
  • Estimates: Check with four or five different shipping providers and get estimates from each. Ask each of the questions from above and make a more informed decision based on what service you are looking for and what your budget is.
  • Pick up: You will be required to provide documentation proving the vehicle is yours. Keys, registration and title, photo ID, and even a creditor notarized statement (if your car is financed) will be required to take your car home.
  • Customer Service: A reputable overseas shipping company like Dewitt Moving and Storage will provide first class customer service, holding your hand through the entire process of getting your valuable car out to Guam promptly and in one piece.

Prepping your Car:

  • Clean everything out: The shipping company is not liable for lost or stolen goods from your car so double check that you have removed everything. This includes tools in the trunk and everything in your glove compartment.
  • Wash the car: Having a clean car will make it easier to identify any scratches or dings that were caused by the shipping company.
  • Take photographs: Do your own inspection and take photos from each angle, carefully analyzing where the preexisting damages are. This will help if the vehicle is damaged during shipment and you need to work with an insurance company.
  • Turn off car alarm: It will be a huge hassle if your car alarm is constantly going off so do yourself and the shipper a favor by disconnecting it ahead of time. If you can’t, give detailed instructions on how to turn it off.
  • Gas tank: Because gas is flammable, you are required to get the gas tank at least below half full and probably no higher than a quarter of a tank.

Inspection on Arrival: When your car arrives, the shipping company will do another inspection to see if the car was damaged during the shipment. You should inspect the car alongside the inspector and take good notes of any damage, comparing it to the photos you took prior to shipment. If there are any damages, insist on having the inspector sign your notes and have them print you a copy of the inspection report. Promptly contact the company and provide the evidence in order to get their insurance to cover the damages.

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