Looking for a great spot on Guam but not quite ready to buy? Sounds like renting on Guam might be right for you! You’re not alone: 48% of Guam’s housing units are occupied by renters.  

In this guide, we’ll help you find the perfect Guam rental. We’ll start with a brief tour of the types of rental properties available on Guam, including how much you can expect to pay for rent. We’ll also show you how to find the best areas to live, how to look for available properties on Guam, what paperwork you’ll need to apply for a rental, and how much you’ll need to put down to move in. Finally, we’ll also offer you a few tips to set the stage for a smooth rental experience. 

In This Article:

  • Common Rental Property Types on Guam
  • Average Rents on Guam

– Housing Allowances for Military Servicemembers

  • The Best Places to Live on Guam
  • How to Find Available Properties: Listing Sites and Beyond
  • What You’ll Need to Apply & Move In
  • 4 Tips for a Smooth Rental Experience on Guam

Common Rental Property Types on Guam

If you’re new to the island, you may wonder what types of rental properties you’ll find on Guam:

  • Single-family homes are available for rent.
  • Apartments are also an option. Apartment/condominium complexes on Guam range in size from a couple of floors to 10+ stories.
  • Extension units are also available. These rentals are connected to a main house and are more commonly studios or one-bedrooms. You might also see houses divided into two units, which makes for larger extension units.

As you start your Guam rental search, consider your ideal situation. Do you have your heart set on a single-family home all your own? Does a modern apartment in a larger apartment complex call your name?

It’s important to stay flexible, but it’s also a good idea to have a sense of what you’re looking for. That way, you won’t waste your time looking at the wrong places. You’ll also be ready to take action when you see a place that matches your vision.

Keep Your Eyes Out for Typhoon Shutters

The impact of Typhoon Mawar has reminded many Guam residents how important it is to stay prepared for typhoons. Some homes on Guam will come equipped with typhoon shutters. These shutters can make it a lot easier to lock your home down when an alert comes through. Keep this in mind as you’re comparing properties.

Average Rents on Guam

The cost of living on Guam can be considerable. If you’re moving to Guam for the first time, you might be concerned about average rents you’ll encounter. 


Median Gross Rent

According to Census data, the median gross rent on Guam is currently $1,057. (Data excludes the cost of military housing units.) The exact cost of any unit will be dependent on its size, location, and amenities, so let’s look at a few more data points to help you budget. 

Below, you’ll find several median gross rents from around the island, giving you a sense of the ranges you’ll encounter:

A Selection of Gross Median Rents on Guam








Agaña Heights


As you can see, data doesn’t take into account different home types, so let’s take a look at what you can expect if you choose a studio vs. a three-bedroom house. To zero in on those numbers, we’ll pulled the most recent fair market rent data from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Fair Market Rents on Guam




1 BR


2 BR


3 BR


4 BR

Keep in mind that fair market rent is an estimate of the amount of money that would cover gross rents (rent and utility expenses) on 40% of the rental housing units in an area. In other words, you can expect to see higher prices on approximately 60% of Guam’s rental stock.


Estimated basic utilities

One more important item to anticipate on Guam: utilities. Most Guam rents do not include utilities, so you’ll want to budget separately for that cost. According to the Guam Chamber of Commerce, the cost of basic utilities—including heating, electricity, and gasfor two people in a ~900 square foot apartment would run you $350 a month. 

How Does the Military Housing Allowance Work on Guam?

Servicemembers living on Guam are entitled to an overseas housing allowance (OHA), which includes:

  • A maximum rent allowance
  • A utility/recurring maintenance allowance
  • A move-in housing allowance

For an E-1 with dependents, the overseas housing allowance on Guam is currently:

  • A maximum rent allowance of $2,450
  • A utility allowance of $1,495
  • A move-in housing allowance of $869

Calculate your own overseas housing allowance here.

The Best Places to Live on Guam

finding a rental home in Guam

The location of your rental will have a significant impact on your life on the island, including your morning and evening commute, the price of your rental, your public schooling options, and your lifestyle. Consider what’s most important to you and choose carefully.

The Villages of Guam

The island of Guam is divided into 19 villages, each with its own mayor and Catholic Church:

  1. Agaña Heights (Tutuhan)
  2. Asan-Maina (Assan-Ma’ina)
  3. Barrigada (Barigåda)
  4. Chalan Pago-Ordot (Chålan Pågu-Otdot)
  5. Dededo (Dededu)
  6. Hågat (formerly Agat)
  7. Hagåtña
  8. Humåtak (formerly Umatac)
  9. Inalåhan
  10. Malesso’ (formerly Merizo)
  11. Mangilao
  12. Mongmong-Toto-Maite (Mongmong-To’to-Maite’)
  13. Piti
  14. Sånta Rita-Sumai (formerly Santa Rita)
  15. Sinajana (Sinahånña)
  16. Talo’fo’fo (formerly Talofofo)
  17. Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon (Tamuneng-Tomhom)
  18. Yigo (Yigu)
  19. Yona (Yo’ña)

Some of Guam’s villages have separate Chamorro/CHamoru names, while others, like Humåtak have returned to their original Chamorro names.

Before you narrow your search, make time to explore Guam’s villages.

Read our article on the best places to live on Guam. Drive some potential commutes during the busy morning and afternoon hours. Keep an open mind, and visit as many different neighborhoods as you can. You never know what area may call to you. Additionally, by doing your research, you’ll position yourself to make a confident decision on your rental.

How to Find Available Properties: Listing Sites and Beyond

Now that you’ve got a good foundation for understanding the Guam real estate market, let’s talk about where to find available rentals.

Friends & Family

Never underestimate the power of a referral from a friend, family, or a colleague at work. A lot of rental units in Guam pass from acquaintance to acquaintance and never hit the rental market. Put the word out to anyone you know on Guam that you’re looking, and you might find the perfect spot—fast.

MLS Listings

A number of Guam rentals make their way to the multiple listing service (MLS). Flexmls.com is an easy way to browse what’s available. To learn more about any of these units, you’ll need to go through a real estate agent.

In some parts of the world, using a real estate agent to find a rental feels like overkill. In others, it’s completely normal. Guam falls somewhere in between. It’s definitely possible to locate your own rental on Guam. However, a real estate agent can save you significant time by pointing you directly to properties that meet your qualifications.

Does it cost money to use a real estate agent to find a rental? Generally, the person or company renting the property pays the real estate agent, so the agent’s services are free of charge to the renter. However, if you’re ever in doubt, feel free to ask!

Online Marketplaces

Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist Guam also often feature rental listings, as do several Guam Facebook groups, including:

If you rent from one of these sites/groups, proceed with a bit of caution. Scams do happen. If you’re asked for a deposit before touring a property in person, be wary.

Look for “For Rent” Signs

This strategy might sound a bit old-fashioned. But, on Guam, landlords still put up “for rent” signs. Drive around villages and neighborhoods you’re interested in, and keep your eyes out. Renters have found some great hidden gems on Guam this way.

What You’ll Need to Apply & Move In

Once you’ve found a place you love, what’s next? Let’s discuss what you can expect during the application process, as well as what you’ll need to provide before you move in.

Common Landlord Requirements for Guam Rentals

Landlords may take you through a formal application process, which can include:

  • Filling out an application, possibly with a nominal fee
  • A credit check
  • A background check
  • Job or income verification, with some landlords requiring proof that your income is at least three times the monthly rent
  • Identity verification of all occupants via photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport

Move-In Costs for Guam Rentals

If your application is accepted, you’ll usually need to pay the first month’s rent as well as a security deposit, which can be as much as one month’s rent. If you’re moving in the middle of the month, the landlord may prorate your first month’s rent.

You’ll also need to transfer the utilities to your name—power and water.

  • The Guam Power Authority handles electrical service on the island. You’ll need to pay a $25 application fee as well as a security deposit if you haven’t previously established credit with the department. If you’ve successfully paid on time for service for the last twelve months, you may be exempt from the security deposit, which varies based on the number of bedrooms on the property.
  • Water/sewer service is provided by the Guam Waterworks Authority. There’s no application fee, but you will need to pay a security deposit.

If you have a pet, your landlord may require a pet deposit, which could be anywhere from $250-500. If there’s no damage, your deposit is often refundable.

4 Tips for a Smooth Rental Experience on Guam

Finally, we’ve got a few tips to help you match with the perfect rental property on Guam.

It’s Better Not to Rent Sight Unseen

If you’re not on Guam, you may be eager to lock down a rental before you arrive. It’s always better to see a unit in person before signing a lease. You’ll get a better sense of the neighborhood—and a better feel for the place you’re renting.

You’ll also feel more certain that the listing you’re securing is real. Scammers have been known to steal photos from housing listings and post them as fake rentals. Insisting on seeing a property before signing a lease and handing over money is one way to protect yourself.

If you do commit to a rental before you arrive, make sure you do so through a licensed Guam real estate agent.

Ask About Parking

When you’re touring listings, make sure to get clear on the parking rules. Is there off-street parking? How many vehicles can use the off-street parking? Where should guests park? It might sound like a small matter, but not having enough parking can quickly become a sore spot.

Read the Agreement Fully Before Signing

Your lease might look like a standard boilerplate lease, but it’s important to read it completely before signing it.

It’s also critical to understand everything you’re agreeing to. If anything seems confusing or unclear, ask before signing. It’s important for your landlord and you to be 100% on the same page before committing to a rental. This will ensure you get off on the right foot—and that everyone remains happy for the length of the lease.

Consider Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is important coverage that protects your belongings while renting your unit. Your landlord’s insurance will only protect their assets—the building itself.

Let’s say you’re living in a large apartment complex and the neighbor’s tub upstairs overflows. The water seeps through the walls and drenches your television and your entertainment system. While the damage to the walls and the electrical wires inside the walls would be covered by the building owner’s insurance, the damage to your items would not be covered. A solid renter’s insurance policy could reimburse you for your television and entertainment system.

Renter’s insurance policies are also generally quite affordable, so buying a policy is more than worth it for your peace of mind.

Finding the Perfect Rental on Guam

Guam’s beautiful beaches, gorgeous landscapes, and rich, diverse culture are just waiting for you. Now that you’ve got a good grasp on the Guam rental landscape, all that’s left is to start browsing the listings and find a spot that you love.

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