As the western-most territory of the United States and one of the leading tourist destinations of the western Pacific, Guam is truly a tropical paradise. With its deep-rooted Charmorro culture, rolling hills, breathtaking cliffs, and abundant waterfalls, Guam’s beauty is not hard to seek out.

When moving to Guam, it’s important to understand the character of the community, as this is one of Guam’s finest assets. This island runs on its own clock, and takes much of its charm from its varied inhabitants and slower pace. Although culture may play a part in each home’s interior design, sustainable materials and eco-friendly housing is an important facet of Guam’s natural flavor and residential décor, and this trend can be used to help you design your home around the natural influences of the island environment.

The people of Guam put much more focus on family and celebration than they do on nice cars and luxurious couches. Other than this simplicity, Guam is not unlike the United States and many of the styles found here are similar to those of the mainland.

A simple life rich with family and friends and a close-knit community are the aspects that bring Guam together. So when you’re considering how to set up your home in Guam, take a designer’s eye to what would make ample weekend barbecues and holiday get-togethers the most comfortable for you and your guests. Large dining tables, plenty of seating, and comfortable outdoor furniture will be well-suited to the social lifestyle of the people of Guam.

Other than the slower pace, tropical atmosphere, and celebratory nature of its people, living in Guam isn’t much different than living in any of the tropical areas of the United States. Most importantly, furniture that is cool and dry is of utmost importance in keeping you comfortable.


When looking to purchase furniture for your new home, teak is a great material choice for outdoor use in tropical areas such as Guam. Teak does not need to be protected and is virtually maintenance-free, allowing you to host barbecues and relax on the weekends without having to pull furniture in and out of the elements. Light, airy cushions and wooden furniture will keep the heat of the sun from turning outdoor seating unbearable, and cushions that can be tied to chairs and then quickly removed are great for easy cleaning and storage.


Sustainability is an important part of design throughout all areas of the United States these days. Sustainable materials are considered those that are renewable resources and natural. Nowhere is this trend more apparent than in the recent popularity of materials made of cotton, bamboo, soy, hemp, silk, angora, llama, mohair, and those that are recycled. Incorporating sustainable materials into your home and seeking out eco-friendly materials will help bind you with the close natural surroundings and lush jungle atmosphere of the Guam island.

Tropic-Friendly Materials

Fabrics that are well-suited for tropical climates are those that are capable of wicking moisture up away from the skin. Lighter-colored fabrics are an easy choice for tropical climates as they reflect light and heat to keep you and your guests cool. Cotton, hemp, and burlap textiles are examples of breezy materials that can bring breathability to such a warm environment.

Wood furnishings are also a great option for warmer climates. As metal is quick to conduct heat, wood furnishings—especially those outside directly under the rays—will keep you and your guests cool in the warm daytime sun, and maintain an even temperature during  the shade of the evening.

True, you probably don’t need to pack your winter coats or your heavy blankets in preparation for your move to Guam, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your mainland life behind. Just about anything you had in the States will still be of use to you in Guam so look into shipping furniture to Guam. Your favorite pieces of furniture, light blankets and pillows, all of your family keepsakes and other personal items that make a house home should certainly follow you to your new dwelling in Guam.

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