So you have just completed your move to Guam.  Congratulations!  Your boxes are unpacked, the glasses of wine are poured, now what?  If you are like many of us, you probably downsized a bit before moving to Guam.  With the idea that you could just “buy it when you get there,” have you even begun to weigh your shopping options once you move to Guam?  Well, we are here to help!  After all, relocating to Guam isn’t just about the process of getting is also about beginning your new life once you ARE there!  Let’s get started.

Who doesn’t like Free Shopping!?

If you didn’t already know, Guam is currently one of the top tourist destinations in the Western Pacific.  One of the driving factors of Guam’s popularity is the fact that it is duty free!  That’s right!   When you move to Guam, you will find a variety of duty free shops and shopping centers.  International brand name products such as watches, perfumes, leather, spirits and other luxury items are free of import tariffs.  What this translates to is lower pricing, and lots of it!

Duty Free Shopping in Tumon: 

Tumon is home to a majority of the large hotels in Guam.  This fact alone makes this area perfect for large shopping facilities.   While many of the duty free shops are conveniently located on hotel premises, the hotels themselves unfortunately do not offer the same variety as other large duty free outlets.  If you are truly looking for the best shopping experience after your move to Guam, we recommend that you spend more of your time visiting areas such as Tumon PlazaGalleria and Tumon Sands Plaza duty free shopping complexes.  You are sure to find what you are looking for, and more!

For Those Who Prefer Traditional Shopping Centers:

While shopping centers on Guam cannot compare to the mega shopping centers on the U.S. mainland, there is one mall specifically that offers a very unique shopping experience:  the Micronesia Mall.  In addition to a variety of stores, food courts and restaurants, the Micronesia Mall has an indoor fun park complete with merry-go-round and a jungle theme roller coaster.

Other shopping centers in Guam include the Agana Shopping Center, the Home Depot, and the largest K-Mart in the world.

And Then There Were Flea Markets:

Surprisingly enough, flea markets are very popular shopping options on Guam.  One of the biggest and best markets is Chamorro Village, located on Marine Corps Drive in Hagatna.  This Wednesday night market has various outdoor stalls that sell locally handcrafted souvenirs and décor for your new home.  If shopping brings on your appetite, not to worry!  There are also numerous food stalls that serve a variety of local and international dishes.

The Dededo flea market is another great option for bargain shoppers.  Every Saturday and Sunday morning at 6 a.m., shoppers can find a variety of new and used items from baby clothes to garden accessories, to fresh vegetables and pets.  There are plenty of items to choose from, and you we guarantee that you will be able to find something nice for your new home.

Congratulations again on your recent move to Guam.  We sincerely hope that the above information was helpful, and look forward to answering any and all additional questions that you may have about moving to Guam.

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