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Have you Thought About moving to Guam?

Shipping to Guam may sound like a daunting task, but your move to Guam can be made very simple with the right professional Guam movers.  There is so much that the island of Guam has to offer, so try to focus on that, and leave finalizing the details of your relocation to Guam up to the professionals. Moving to Guam is typically not the moving destination of choice, but one’s mind may be easily changed if there were more information out there about relocating to Guam and what Guam has to offer.  To start, picture Hawaii and/or the Caribbean Islands… add the unique local culture, Chamorro, that is always welcoming its newcomers…throw in the beautiful crystal clear waters […]

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Your Belongings are Already Packed and on their way.

GREAT TIPS FOR YOUR JOURNEY TO YOUR NEW HOME! Your Guam movers have packed up all your belongings and are ready to send them to your new home. The good news: you have survived the hardest part. The bad news: there is still work to be done. The most laborious part of the process is out of the way, but you cannot sit back, kick off your shoes, and start relaxing just yet. There is still plenty of planning and supervising you will need to do at this point to make sure everything runs smoothly. The following advice, however, should make the rest of your move significantly […]

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Shipping Your Car to Guam

Packing up and moving your home to Guam can already be a difficult and stressful process and when you add shipping a car overseas, you might begin to feel completely overwhelmed. There is so much to think and worry about when you are considering shipping your car that doing it on your own is daunting. Dewitt Moving and Storage specializes in taking care of the entire process for you and getting your car to Guam in perfect condition. Shipping a car overseas can be free of stress as long as you use a trustworthy shipping company that works with you from start to finish. Once […]

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