Your business’s records are vital to your operations—and managing them effectively is even more important. Poorly organized records can cost your staff significant time and expose you to liability if these records find their way into the wrong hands. Additionally, misplaced records can also erode trust with your clients, who depend on you to keep their information both handy and safe. 

When it comes to records management, some organizations choose to handle the entire operation in-house. In other words, internal staff members organize, store, access, and appropriately destroy business records, according to your policies.  

However, outsourcing even part of your records management operations can save your business time and money, while adding an extra layer of security. Some organizations even go so far as to employ an off-site records storage and management program, which has a number of benefits. 

If you’re interested in making the most of your employees’ time, reducing your office footprint, tightening security by limiting access to your records, and ensuring greater compliance with best practices, an off-site records management and storage program might be a good fit.  

We’ll walk you through the full benefits—and show you exactly how it all works. 

The Benefits of Off-Site Records Management & Storage 

When it comes to off-site records management and storage solutions, the benefits stack up in three areas: time, money, and security. Since time and money are often intertwined in business, we’ll talk about them together. 

Save Time & Money

Outsourcing your records management and storage—and moving some of your records off-site—will offer you both increased efficiencies and cost savings. Specifically:

You’ll be able to optimize how your staff uses their time. Many businesses don’t realize how much in-house document management costs. How much time do your employees spend on organizing, storing, and retrieving documents and records?  

And is this truly the best use of their time? Could they, instead, be fostering client relationships to improve customer retention? Or could they be making sales calls to directly impact revenue?  

Outsourcing your records management allows you to return your staff to the tasks that represent the highest and best use of their daily hours. Additionally, you might also discover that outsourcing your records management is a more cost-effective solution than leaving it to internal staff.  

You’ll also be able to make better use of your office space. Rent is expensive. How much space are your records taking up in your office? Could that space be more effectively utilized? Or could you even let go of some of your office space by moving your records off-site?  

In some cases, moving records storage and management off-site can allow a business to reduce its footprints and save on rent. At the very least, many businesses are able to reallocate that space for better uses. 

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Save Money & Reduce Liability

Eight Questions to Ask

If you’ve assumed in the past that outsourcing your records management was too expensive, this article will change the way you think about your records management policies.

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Increased Security & Compliance

Given the regulations surrounding documents and records—especially for health care organizations subject to HIPAA—assistance with increasing security and compliance can be a relief to many organizations. 

Off-site records storage immediately reduces the possibility for unauthorized access to your records. By removing older records from your workplace, you’ll quickly put yourself at lower risk of visitors, guests, or employees seeing confidential or protected information, either by accident or otherwise. This immediately minimizes one source of potential risk. 

Additionally, outsourcing records management can assist with document destruction complianceEvery record comes with its own timetable for retention and then destruction. An outsourced records management provider can help you track these timelines, and often even take care of the destruction—all of which can happen off-site. 

Finally, off-site records storage can mean greater physical protection for your records. Records management providers house files in buildings that are built to withstand natural disasters like typhoons and fires. Additionally, they often include security measures that may go over and above what you have at your office, such as CCTV and alarm systems. In the case of a natural disaster or an attempted break-in, your records will be better protected than they would be at your office. 

If these benefits sound appealing, next we’ll take you through how an off-site records management and storage program might work—and what to look for in a provider. 

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How Does an Off-Site Records Management & Storage Program Work?

If you’ve never worked with an off-site records management company before, you might feel nervous about turning over your sensitive records to outside contractors. However, many records management providers use bonded personnel to handle records. That includes the people who pick up and deliver records, as well as those handling your records at the off-site location.

If you have questions about the security protocols that your records management company employs, just ask. They can offer you a tour of the facility and their security systems, as well as their access control measures. This should give you that added layer of comfort for greater peace of mind.

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Records Retention Policies

Critical to Your Business 

Protect your organization from liability, while creating efficiencies and locating potential cost savings with a strong records retention policy. 

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The Bottom Line: Time, Money, and Security 

At the end of the day, outsourcing your records management activities and storing your records off-site offer your organization benefits in three crucial areas—time, money, and security. Additionally, the right records management provider can make it simple for you to locate, track, and properly destroy records to keep your business moving forward—and in compliance. Ultimately, getting your program up and running will require a little research and a little setup. However, for many organizations, the benefits make it well worth it in the end. 

Looking to outsource your records management and storage? We would be happy to help! With over 10 years of experience managing records on Guam, we can create a comprehensive records management solution—including off-site storage—that fits your company’s needs and budget. Just get in touch to arrange a complimentary consultation. 

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