Guest Blogger: Louie Hughes 

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Enjoying life in a tropical paradise is a dream for many, especially for people in the Northern Hemisphere. In the mainland, lots of Americans make it a point to go on vacation somewhere south during the colder months, and the usual destination is a beach town or an island. Others even take things a step further by getting a rest house or moving altogether.

When thinking about a sunny place in the US, the first names that come to mind are probably Florida in the East Coast, AKA the Sunshine State, and California in the West Coast. Cities in these two respective states – specifically Los Angeles and Miami – are usually among the top choices for relocation.

There are, however, other destinations that are often overlooked yet they have the same offerings and so much more. One of these places is Guam, the westernmost land territory of the US.

At first glance, moving to Guam may appear more complicated than relocating somewhere in the mainland considering that you literally have to travel across miles of water. For most people though, the isolation is what makes Guam truly appealing. It’s a tropical island where you can enjoy moments of peace and quiet but at the same time, it’s developed enough to have the same amenities as mainland cities.

A conducive place for outdoor adventures

In our post ‘What Makes Guam Great’, we enumerated several facts about the island including its average high and low temperatures of 86 degrees F and 76 degrees F, respectively. With great weather almost all year round, Guam is the perfect place to enjoy a tropical life, especially since it’s also rich in natural attractions in both land and sea.

Accessibility to other regions

Another amazing thing about Guam is its location. While it’s true that you’d have to spend hours on a flight to reach the mainland US, Global Girl Travels mentioned that you’re also halfway to Asia and Australia, putting you in a unique position to travel to all these destinations in a relatively more convenient manner.

Buying a property

In addition, finding a home in Guam is more or less the same as the mainland, making the process familiar in terms of acquiring a property. The only difference as we’ve explained in another past DeWitt Guam article is the styles of houses. Several facets of construction such as space allocation and materials have been specifically designed to suit living conditions in the island. Housing prices are generally lower as opposed to real estate hotspots in the mainland like say, Miami, and you even get the most value for your money considering that properties in Guam are built with increased durability to withstand strong typhoons.

As shown in a statistical study conducted by Guam investment specialists Cornerstone Valuation, the median residential prices in Guam are typically around $175,000. Even upscale condominiums and SFDs are usually within the $200,000 – $250,000 range. By contrast, Miami real estate experts Discover Homes specified that median housing prices in upscale neighborhoods such as Key Biscayne and Venetian Islands are in the ball park of $500,000 and beyond.

Lastly, given the technological advances in the logistics industry today, moving to Guam is much easier with the help of highly professional removal companies. DeWitt Guam has the expertise and tools to make your relocation to this Pacific gem island fast and hassle-free. Visit our Services page to know more about how we can help.

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