Your Guam movers have packed up all your belongings and are ready to send them to your new home. The good news: you have survived the hardest part. The bad news: there is still work to be done. The most laborious part of the process is out of the way, but you cannot sit back, kick off your shoes, and start relaxing just yet. There is still plenty of planning and supervising you will need to do at this point to make sure everything runs smoothly. The following advice, however, should make the rest of your move significantly easier:

  • MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED: You should probably have completed this step while the movers were loading all your packages into the truck, but it is never too late to double check (until you are already at your new house, that is). While packing, you should decide which items you will want to take with you personally rather than placing them in the movers’ charge.
    • This may include items that you will need immediately upon arrival at your new residence, such as toiletries, medications, linen, phone(s), towels, and so on. It would be preferable to take these items yourself, however, if you do not have sufficient space, you might consider just making sure that these items are loaded last, allowing for easy access. Put these items all in one box or tub so they are quick to find.
    • You might also want to take all your valuables with you as well. You can take your jewelry and important paperwork and other documents with you if you are shipping to Guam, simply so that you maintain control over your most valuable belongings.
  • CHECK THAT YOU ARE NOT LEAVING ANYTHING BEHIND: Check all cabinets, drawers, closets, attics, crawlspaces, garages, sheds, patios and yards to make sure that nothing you plan on taking is left behind. It could be very expensive sending someone to the house to collect the rest of your belongings, so you want to make sure you get everything the first time around.
    • Besides being potentially expensive if you need to make a second trip, leaving items behind can be just plain annoying. Imagine you get to your new home at night after most stores have closed. The floor is dusty and the house has cobwebs scattered throughout that you want to get rid of, but you realize that you left your broom back at your house. Your life would be a whole lot easier in this scenario if you had simply checked around the house before you left.
  • COME UP WITH A LAYOUT FOR YOUR NEW HOME: Before you arrive at your new home, decide where you want to put your furniture and appliances. You do not have to have your house completely mapped out, but having an idea of where you want each item to go will be helpful. You could consider making a simple diagram or sketch of the rooms and their dimensions. If you already know where you would like to place the furniture and appliances, unloading will be a lot faster and easier.
  • MAKE SURE YOUR SAFE IS EMPTIED: While you will probably have this taken care before the movers even arrive, double check to make sure that you have cleared out your safe. Take extra care if you have unsecured money hidden around the house (for example, money hidden in shoe boxes or some other such hiding place). If your money is in a safe, at least it will be secure; if you just have it hidden, but not locked away, it may be more difficult to recover.
  • HAVE A CHECKLIST READY: You should have a checklist of your belongings ready to go when you arrive at your new home. As the movers unload each box, check to make sure that nothing is missing, broken, or damaged.

Moving to Guam can be a simple process, but these tips should make it even less of a hassle. As long as you are properly prepared, everything should run smoothly.

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