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3 Things to Consider When Crafting an Employee Relocation Policy

Having a relocation policy isn’t just for corporations with big HR departments – it’s an essential tool for any organization that offers incentives for employee relocation. While about 70% of U.S. companies provide relocation assistance to help pay for the transition, only one in five HR professionals rate their relocation program as “highly successful.” A relocation policy that outlines the process, benefits, and points of contact along the way not only supports your employees, it helps keep your business running smoothly. A relocation strategy can save money, too. Statistics show that costs can range from $85,673 to relocate a current employee who’s a homeowner to...

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Q&A: SOLAS VGM Equivalency

Q: What is the reason for the VGM amendments to SOLAS regulation VI/2? A: There are concerns around improperly declaring the gross mass of a packed container. Safety risks emerge if discrepancies between gross mass and actual gross mass go unnoticed. According to the International Maritime Organization: discrepancies “could have an adverse impact on the safety of the ship, seafarers and shore-side workers, by leading to incorrect vessel stowage decisions and potentially collapsed container stacks or loss of containers overboard.” The goal of the regulation is to provide increased accuracy and accountability regarding the gross mass of a packed container. Q: What is the reason for...

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